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Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe

             The novel Robinson Crusoe is written by Daniel Defoe. The title is significant because it summarizes the plot. It summarizes the plot by previewing the future hardships and battles Crusoe will have to fight against nature. The plot in Robinson Crusoe is about how Crusoe manages to keep himself alive and what he does so he could go back to sea. Crusoe and a partner named Friday do many things together including rebuilding a canoe, marching out against the cannibals, and voyaging around the colonies of America. In order for them to stay alive they would have to kill people and that is always a tough task. But throughout Crusoe's hardships he has managed to stay alive against nature. .
             The protagonist is Robinson Crusoe. Qualities of Crusoe are that he is hard working and determined to succeed. Crusoe has had to endure many tough obstacles in trying to stay alive but his hard work kept him alive. He has had to build his own fortress, find his own food, and suffer through harsh weather conditions. During the hot times of summer Crusoe would grow corn and save some for the harsh winter that was coming up and when the weather got a little bit better he went back to work on it which shows his character quality of determination. But at one point during a harsh winter, Crusoe was very sick and could barely move. He was very ill, frightened almost to death with the apprehensions of my sad condition, to be sick and no help (Page 89). He hadn't eaten a thing in days because he was so weak. He barely drank any water. He could've died but he was determined to live. First he prayed to God, then he tried his best to get up and find food. Eventually, he got better and his total determination and hard work allowed him to live through a very bad illness. One important decision Crusoe made before his hardship was his decision to go to sea against his fathers will. His father told him not to go to sea and Crusoe got very upset.

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