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Kiss Before Dying

            Book report on A Kiss before Dying Ira Levin .
             Pagecount: 300 First published: 1953 .
             Dorothy, Bud's girlfriend tells him she's pregnant. Bud is very angry but pretends he loves her. He gives her pills to get rid of the baby. -FLASHBACK: Bud was very popular at school. After the war he had several jobs and an affair with an rich widow. he went to Stoddart and met Dorothy. -PRESENT: If the pills won't work, Bud promises to marry Dorothy. Bud sees a golden future ahead because Dorothy's father is president of Kingships Copper and very welthy. The pills don't work and they'll marry in three days. Bud doesn't want to marry her instead he is making plans to kill her. Bud gives her poisoned pills and let her transfere a Spanish line which says something like: I'm sorry for the trouble, There is nothing else I can do. He mails the line to her sister in Dorothy's handwriting, Ellen. If Dorothy isn't dead in three days he assumes she didn't take the pills. When *he realises that Ellen would receive the messages he have to kill Dorothy by throwing her from a building. People think it was suicide, because of the note Ellen received. Bud is proud he commited a murder and got away with it. Ellen doesn't think it was suicide and starts to investigat. She wants to know who made Dorothy pregnant. She gets the names of Gordon Gant and Dwight Powell. She finds out Gordon isn't the killer. Gordon sees a letter from Ellen written to her boyfriend, Bud! She writes Bud, Dwight has to be the killer. Ellen goes out with Dwight. Later she takes him to the murderscene. Dwight doesn't seem to be it but he tells Ellen he has an adress of another friend of Dorothy's in his apartment. When they go there Bud is already waiting there. He kills Dwight, telling Ellen Dwight killed Dorothy. Bud drives Ellen out of town. Gant is worried. Bud confesses to Ellen and kills her. He is going to contact Marion. Marion likes him and doesn't mind that her father does *not.

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