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A tale of two cities

            In the movie "A Tale of Two Cities" Jarvis Lorry, an .
             employee of Tellson's Bank, was sent to find Dr. Manette, .
             an unjustly imprisoned physician, in Paris and bring him .
             back to England. Lucie, Manette's daughter who thought that .
             he was dead, accompanied Mr. Lorry. Upon arriving at .
             Defarge's wine shop in Paris, they found Mr. Manette in a .
             very bad state and took him back to London with them. .
             In 1780, five years later, Lucie, Mr. Lorry and Dr. .
             Manette were called to testify against Charles Darnay, a .
             tutor who made constant trips between France and England .
             and was thus accused of treason, but Darnay was acquitted .
             when a lawyer, named Sydney Carton, looked much like him .
             and an eye witness faltered to positively distinguish .
             between them. .
             Carton loved Lucie but he was a drunk. Knowing that their .
             relationship was hopeless, he stated that he would .
             sacrifice himself for her or anyone she loved in an .
             emotional conversation. Darnay ended up marrying Lucie. .
             Darnay's uncle, the Marquiuis St. Evremonde, was .
             assassinated by the father of a child he ran over and .
             Darnay inherited the title, Marquiuis St. Evermonde, Now .
             along with this title came power. Darnay would not take it .
             because he did not want to exploit the French people as his .
             uncle did. Around 1790, while the French Revolution was in .
             full swing, Darnay decided to go to France to save a family .
             servant. Upon his arrival, he was immediately jailed. Lucie .
             and Dr. Manette soon showed up in Paris at the doorstep of .
             Tellson's French office, where Lorry already was present. .
             Dr. Manette managed to get Darnay released after a year, .
             yet he was re-jailed the same day by Madame Defarge because .
             his family, the Evremondes, had previously killed off her .
             family. Darnay was tried the next day and sentenced to .
             death. .
             Manette went back into his demented state with .
             hopelessness. Carton arrived in Paris and heard a plot to .
             also kill Lucie and Dr.

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