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            " What we do in life, echoes in eternity".
             This year we have studied many philosophers that have had many good points on how our lives should be lived. But nonetheless I still believe that the Christian life is the good life. My philosophy is not the traditional view of Christianity, but it is overall basically the same. Philosophers throughout the year have impacted my point of view and have made me view things differently. We can all probably say that the questions that most philosophers tried to attempt to answers were failures, but because they tried, we are able to decide for ourselves what we think is truly right.
             In my point of view, I believe that the good life is achieved with a good relationship with God. Being a Christian, I believe that what we do in life is the deciding factor of what kind of fate we will obtain once this life is over. This life acts as a test that we must get through to prove that our love for God is true and that we are truly faithful to him. The life we live is what will decide if we live an eternity in hell, or an eternity in heaven. But before we can understand this, we must first look to the reality of God. "Does God really exist?" This is a question many people ask, and through logical reasoning, we can see that God does exist. .
             When the universe began, most atheists believe that the world began as a big bang, and we developed through evolution. The big bang, a good number of scientist believe, was an explosion caused by one primeval atom that burst and created what we now know as the universe. But one can argue, what or who created that first atom? Isn't it more rational to say that an all powerful creator created this universe than to say that everything that we see today all came from a single atom that originated from nothing? Though neither of these two hypothesis can be proven, one stands out more than the other. I believe God is real and we need to understand that.

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