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People who have been seriously injured can be kept alive by

            Everyone has an equal right to live after he was born. It is not nice and wise of anyone to decide on behalf of a patient to stop his life under any circumstances.
             If some one gets injured in an accident which is a hap hazardous event that can happen to every one, it is doctors" responsibility to help him get recovery.
             Letting the patient die is not fair, even if he has got to be dependent the rest of his life to any kind of medical machines.
             God has not given this permission to make stop some one life by other humans. Every one has allotted to live in a limited period of time that just god is aware of it.
             Not only doctors are supposed to keep the patient alive, but also they are supposed to do their best to have an acceptable result. As an instance they should spend all expenses that can help to fast healing and not deprive medical care although their high costs.
             Nonetheless all discussion is about medical costs, in my opinion it is the government that has duty to provide this patient who was working for this government and its entire people before his injury. .
             Government should supply a part of financial expenses to make confidence for the concerning patients and their families. As long people are living and working in a country ,as long government should protect them of a variety of unwanted problems, so that in this case never ever the extreme expenses of therapeutic devices in hospitals would be the concern of doctors to do all their hard work to save patients.
             As a summation to this text, having authority to make some one depart the living world just because he is weak and not useful any more is not in doctors right but it just belong to God for ever. Moreover the duty of governments makes them have to put complete support their people to provide safer and happier lives for all of them.

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