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             Unnamed witness of Roswell recovery team.
             Eighteen minute film at the autopsy center in Fort Worth.
             The people of the world have always had a mysterious belief that Earth wasn't the only.
             planet in the universe that supported life. This belief dates back to ancient times when heavenly.
             and demonic stories were told of gods who strode across the skies on their golden chariots. Tales.
             as far fetched as Zeus who threw lightening bolts from his fingertips to stories as credible as the.
             American Indian's Cachinas, who supposedly taught them to farm and saved them from numerous.
             disasters. The Egyptians, who built their mammoth pyramids with only the use of man power,.
             used hieroglyphics. These same hieroglyphics have been unofficially documented as being similar.
             to symbols found on unidentified aircraft wreckage found in several incidences over the past fifty.
             years (Montgomery 225-32, 236-37). Are these stories all mere coincidence? Some researchers.
             think not and have continued to unveil new evidence that is believably true. Recently, new facts.
             have been brought up on the most documented UFO (unidentified flying object) sighting of all.
             time: the Roswell Incident.
             The Roswell Incident is a UFO crash that occurred at 11:30 p.m. on July 4th, 1947 in.
             Roswell, New Mexico (Randal 10). Mac Brazel, a local New Mexico rancher, discovered a.
             considerable amount of unusual debris while riding out on horseback early in the morning to.
             check his sheep after a night of intense thunderstorms. He reported to Sheriff George Wilcox.
             after driving into Roswell, that the aircraft had created a shallow gouge several hundred feet long.
             and was scattered over a large area. Sheriff Wilcox then notified authorities at the Roswell Army.
             Air Field and with the assistance of his deputies, proceeded to investigate the matter. Shortly.
             after the 509th Bomb Group arrived from their station 35 miles away (Walker 38), they closed off.
             the area for a number of days and retrieved the wreckage.

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