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area 51

             130 miles North of Las Vegas in Rachel, Nevada, on the shores of a.
             dried up lake, lies an area Americans have pondered for over 50 years.
             This place, which is behind miles of barren, dry desert and surrounded by.
             barbed wire fences, is a place which houses the unknown. Signs which.
             state: " No trespassing" and " Anyone crossing this point will be shot on.
             the spot", are posted outside this lonely, desolate ground (Misage 2).
             What occupies this dry, desert area? Some believe just a defense ground.
             from the 1950's, others believe aliens. Despite everyone's beliefs, no one.
             really knows what lies behind those barbed wire fences. Some will even.
             call it one of the most speculated conspiracies of the century, next to the.
             Kennedy Assassination (Hammen 62). What is this mystery that the.
             government has been hiding for 50 years? The answer is Area 51.
             Area 51 was built in the 1950's by the CIA as a top secret area of.
             defense. It was the testing grounds for such war planes as the Aurora.
             Project, SK-71 Blackbird, and the F-117a Stealth fighter spy plane (Misage.
             15). According to many Americans, these are not the only flying machinery.
             which exists in Area 51.
             On July 7, 1947, two ranchers in Roswell, New Mexico, observed.
             something that would be the beginning of what might be one of mankind's.
             most unexplained phenomenons in history. According to these ranchers, (who.
             asked to be anonymous) a flying object came out of the South East and went.
             flying into the Northwesterly direction. These ranchers observed it for 40.
             or 50 seconds before it disappeared behind the hills. They did not recall.
             it making any sounds (Roswell 1).
             The next day, another rancher recovered a part of what is believed.
             to be, the flying object that was seen the night before. According to the.
             Las Vegas Review Journal, the man gave it to authorities, and it was sent.
             to "higher authorization settings". The object, described by Roswell.
             Police, was a " 16 inch aluminum disc, with two radio condensers, a.

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