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hard drives

            Small Systems Research Paper Hard Drives In this day and age of faster computers and high-speed processors, it should only stand to reason that hard drives meet the same requirements as the rest of the computer technology world. A technological look and some tips on maintaining or troubleshooting hard drives is included below. By keeping up with the standard of needs of the industry we can be assured that our personal computers will have all the necessary space and the ability to access and save the data as required and in an efficient manner. The new DiamondMax ® Plus 40 series from Maxtor can unleash your computer power with advanced technology and performance. Available in capacities up to 40 GB, these 7,200 RPM drives include Maxtor's unique DualWave twin processor technology for a 10x boost in host command processing speed. Coupled with 2 MB of high speed 100 MHz SDRAM for the cache buffer and an UltraDMA 66 interface, give our DualWave-equipped hard drives superior benchmark performance and maximum throughput. As a result, they're an ideal choice for consumers working with large files, including audio and video applications. No matter how demanding your application, the new DiamondMax Plus 40 series delivers the ultimate in performance and capacity. With the popularity of multimedia, Internet and audio/video applications, more performance is demanded from desktop PC systems than ever before. System vendors are looking at all sub-components, including hard drives, as critical elements in increasing system speed and performance. As we go forward every part of the system will be called upon to improve throughput. The hard drive is a critical element in system performance, influencing how fast windows or Mac OS boots, how quickly applications launch, and the speed of loading large data or graphics files. Any operation that involves moving large amounts of information on or off the disk will reveal the importance of a high-performance hard drive.

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