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The Perfect Drive

             Do you know what it feels like to hit a golf ball perfectly? Let us just say that it is indescribable. It sometimes feels like you just swing through the air. The slightest wrong movements in a swing can greatly flaw the strike of the ball. There are many steps involved in hitting a ball, from the grip to the follow through, for the ball to go long and straight. Golf is a very difficult game and driving the ball is just one of the several, different types of swings used throughout a round of play. Assuming that the golfer has already put the tee in the ground with the ball on it, these steps are in chronological order.
             The very first step in driving a golf ball is having a comfortable and sure grip. The grip is important because it is the only place where the club and the golfer connect. Energy is transferred through the golfer and into the club through the golfer's hands. The player's hands should be firm but not putting a death grip on the club. Some golfers align their hands by interlocking their pinky finger and index finger, and others overlap the pinky around the other hand. Both of these grips are used every round by professional golfers.
             The second important step to a great rip down the fairway is the stance. The stance is the frame of your swing, in other words it is where your swing starts. Your feet play a huge part in a good stance because they help control the movement of your hips. This just shows that the swing process is based on a set of fluid-like movements that are truly difficult to make. The feet of the golfer should be slightly wider than shoulder width and the ball should be in line with the inside of the left foot, if the golfer is right handed. The knees are a little bent to have powerful legs in the swing. The stance runs right into approaching the ball.
             The approach is where the ball is in position for striking and the golfer aligns their body up to the ball.

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