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The Perfect Date Night

            Ever daydreamed about how a first date would go? Or ever who it would be with, and where? Honestly, I think we all have at some point. Anyone can just rent a movie and order pizza, but a perfect date takes preparation and thought. The goal of dating is to win over the other person's feelings, and get to know each other better. Going on a nice date will boost attraction from the start. There are a few things that make a date interesting and memorable, such as location, the conversation between each other, and lastly the goodbye. Often time people do not know the importance of a perfect first date but here are the details of one for future reference. .
             First, it all starts with the location and atmosphere of where the gentlemen is taking a lady. It is best if the area is not too loud. But also, not to quiet that the only voice heard will be each other. So I will say a restaurant is always a winner for a date locations, such as Texas Roadhouse. I say this because it allows face to face interaction and have one on one conversation. A sports bar, on the other hand, such as Buffalo Wild Wings is a bad idea. Women like to feel important and sitting a man in front of chicken wings, and a football game is not the way to start off a relationship. Which leads me to the next topic of dinner conversation. .
             On a perfect first date, the key is to get to know that person better and find out who they are. When on a date, the attention should be focused on each other and what the other person is saying. Starting off with a few compliments always is a plus. Good communication skills show a lot about an individual, and also makes her date feel special that you can hold a conversation with them while being interested. During the dinner, particular topics should be addressed, such as favorite movies, hobbies, birthdays, and interests. The whole night the women will be thinking about if she wants to take this any further after the date or vice versa.

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