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The Perfect Student

            Independence, studying, exams, parties, sororities, and fraternities are just a few of the influences a college student may have to balance to be successful. The perfect college student can be studious enough to get good grades and social enough to decompress after long study hours. In order to succeed, a student needs the set of skills they learn from high school. Some of these skills consist of good study habits, and time management. A perfect student will work hard, have impeccable self-discipline and time management skills. There is more pressure in college, and there are other influences that can derail a student's education and life. Students who have the best set of skills, and grades can fall into the party scene. Good grades are not all you need to be a perfect student. Any student can fall victim to the pressures and temptations of college life, and some of these students are valedictorians in your high school class.
             She was a four point student and class president from a prestigious high school. She had been preparing for college her whole life, and was planning to be a doctor. She was the class president and valedictorian of her three hundred and sixty three classmates. Karen is my cousin, and she has failed out of college twice. She was last person on earth I would expect to fall victim to the pressures and negative influences of college. It was her very first taste of freedom. She was never allowed to spend the night away from her mom, or date in high school. She moved, got a job and found a roommate to share expenses. She would study, and go out with the girls to the local hotspots at the end of the week like everyone else. She found it difficult to say no when someone would ask her to go out, and it became a problem. The feeling of independence was new to her and so exhilarating. Drinking, going to bars and parties were more important to her than her studies. She was having a hard time balancing school, work, and her social calendar.

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