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My Last First Date

            Many people spend much of their life looking for someone to share their life with. As someone who has been married and had children and divorced, I can attest that this is no easy task. There have been many dates since my divorce but the one I enjoyed and will remember the most is what I hope to be my "last first date". Dates don't always have to go perfectly to workout perfectly for two people. My last first date is an example of this I will never forget. It was late July, which in upstate New York is a very hot month, I was at a pretty miserable point because I was missing my kids, who live in Washington, and had just returned home from a visit to see them. I remember it being early morning, I was at work, when I received a message on my phone. It was an old friend I hadn't seen in about 15 years. We traded messages for a little while and decided we should get together soon. Knowing I had to work late that night, I asked her if she had plans for the late evening, unfortunately she did as she was going camping with friends. We traded a few more texts and agreed that we would catch up soon. I went back about my busy day, by this point miserable from the heat, yet I couldn't take my mind off of her. What would she look like now 15 years later? Who had she become as a person? I thought I would be waiting a few more days to find out, little did I know that afternoon my life would change.
             My day went rather quickly as I was so busy and also excited to catch up with and old friend soon. It took my mind off the heat and the daily grind of work. I had finished at one job and was on to my second around 4pm. I was dirty, tired, and probably didn't smell the greatest. We were in the middle of refinishing a hardwood floor when I received a text. It was her, her plans had fallen through and she wanted to get together that night. I was in the middle of the job but she was at a store right down the street so I told her to stop by.

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