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My Best Friend

             My dad accepting a church in the lower part of the state, three years ago, was a memory that I will never forget. A memory that has put a negative impact on my life and the person I am today. The way people treated me, in the lower part of the state, played a part in the shaping me to be a cold hearted person. Events happened and some characteristics I have, have been affected was my compassion and love for people. However through a special relationship with my best friend, I have gained compassion and the love I once possess again. When God called my dad's ministry back to Spartanburg, we packed up without haste. .
             Moving back to Spartanburg entailed unpacking, getting settled, and making friends again. All of these necessities came with ease. Losing the characteristics became evident when it was time to make new friends. Making the friends became a reality and a challenge I did not look forward to. I started feeling lonely, and Matt was introduced to me by a mutual friend. Matt, a high school graduate and a current college student, was my first blind date on a Friday night in July 2002. Meeting him for the first time has lasted into a growing relationship still today. Well, Matt is that person who has helped me grow and be molded into a better person. He helped me gain my loss characteristics back. One day in our relationship, this growth was easily apparent to me.
             A couple of months into our relationship, one date made me think of the need for certain areas in my life to be addressed. In late October, Matt arrived promptly at 8 a.m. Coffee in one hand and keys in the other, he blurred out, "Amanda!" My eyes flew open and my heart fluttered, "It is Matty," I thought. I flung my tattered Clemson comforter to one side of my bedroom and rushed into the living room. His smile was heavenly and it made me feel special inside. He spoke gently, "Good morning baby." I slung my arms around his neck and asked, "What are you doing here so early in the morning?" "I feel the need to take you somewhere special," confidently he said.

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