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My Best Friend - My Brother

            A brother is someone who is there when you need him; someone who picks you up when you fall; a person who sticks up for you when no one else will. A brother is always a friend. I will never want to know a world without my brother. I am extremely grateful for the relationship I have with him. While he may annoy me all the time, my brother is my best friend, my support system and my role model when it comes to sports. My brother goes above and beyond for me especially when it comes to sports. Being an athlete can be hard, especially when you are following in the footsteps of someone big. In my case I am following behind my brother. He is an exceptionally talented individual on the court and on the field and I am extremely lucky to be able to have him there to help me. My brother gives me the confidence I need to know that I can do something on the court that I would not have done before. My brother knows when I start to get frustrated with myself and he helps me through it and calms me down. He is able to help me so well because he used to be in my shoes only a few years ago. Although, having an athletic older sibling can be frustrating in the sense of being compared to them. My brother never makes me feel like I am in his shadow. He always lets me know that my game is my game. .
             My brother is my best friend in the whole world. He always knows how to make me feel better about a bad situation. My brother annoys me all the time, but he is the only person I have that will always be there for anything, no matter what. We may be seven years apart, but we will always be closer than ever. My brother always knows how to make me laugh and make me mad at the same time. I know that not all my brothers' footsteps are the best ones and he assures me of that all the time. He has a very different way of thinking and looking at things, so I know that when he gives me advice about something, most likely he is giving me good advice and that he knows what is best for me.

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