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Men And Womens Idea Of The Perfect Date

            Men & Women's Idea of the Perfect Date.
             Dating is a common subject when it comes to people over the age of 15. In order to form a lasting relationship, one must first go on dates to find out about a member of the opposite sex. Most dates are fun for both people, but some are just enjoyable for one member of the date and not the other. Men and women differ in their pre-date rituals, their post-date rituals, as well as their idea of the perfect date. .
             About four hours before the date is supposed to begin, many women get their nails done. Some even go to the mall to get a new outfit. Men, on the other hand, might play a pick up game of basketball or baseball. If they are not doing this, then they are most likely watching TV or playing video games. Women worry that they are not going to impress their date. Just the other day, my friend, who was going on a date, made me walk through the mall with her for two hours trying to find the perfect shirt. Men are not as concerned about taking the time to get ready. As long as they can take a shower and shave, they are ready to go. The average man probably spends no more than one hour getting ready for a date; however, the average woman spends about three to four hours getting ready.
             The actual date is the most exciting part of the whole process. Many women dream of a man picking her up in a convertible, having a candlelit dinner, and watching the sunset on a beach. Men love eating a pizza at the house and watching a sporting event on the television. I asked my ex-boyfriend once what his perfect date would be, and he said that he would take me 4-wheeling and fishing! Most men feel more comfortable in a relaxed setting that they are familiar with or doing something that is appealing to him. Women like receiving flowers, having a romantic evening, and doing new and different things, especially if the man takes the time to plan it. .
             After the date, the average woman will go home, get into some comfortable pajamas, and call her best friends to tell them all about the night.

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