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The Dangers of Online Dating

            Health clubs and bars are the out places to meet guys today.
             com, 69% of those surveyed said that they would use the internet to find a date.
             Jeff Cohen, author of the e-book, 30-Minute Guide To Online Dating, writes that match.com has over 9 million subscribers in Europe alone.
             According to Online Dating Magazine, more than 20 million people visit at least one online dating service a month, and that over120,000 marriages a year that occur as a result of online dating.
             Today many women are turning to online matchmaking services for several reasons: Casual dating and friendship, ease, common interests. With the advent of online communication, traditional dating is out. Why settle for someone in the neighborhood, if there even is someone in the neighborhood, when you can meet someone online who you may be better suited to online? Busy lifestyles and an increase in travel are also reasons why dating sites have grown in popularity. It's quicker and easier to post a profile and wait for multiple possibilities, than to troll a club night after night looking for the perfect match. MSNBC reports that sites like Yahoo Personals even cater to the over-50 crowd because older Americans have discovered online dating. Some of these dating sites screen potential members with surveys, but how can we really know who can be trusted? Brad said he was a law student, but is he? He seems like a charming man, but how do we know for sure?.
             With online dating becoming enormously popular, awareness of personal safety is foremost in minds.
             The following are some safety tips to be mindful of if you"re about to approach the cyber dating scene:.
             1. Be suspicious. Mr. Right could be Mr. Wrong, so use practical sense and follow your instincts. Look for inconsistencies, be objective and picky, and don"t be in a hurry. If something feels out of place, stop communicating instantly.
             2. Check out the dating service: What is their reputation? What are their privacy policies? What security mechanisms do they have in place? What are the experiences of other members? You are responsible for your own safety.

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