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ITGS Business Portfolio

            How is the technology of Internet Advertising Changing the Way Businesses advertise and what are the implications?.
             Technology is Changing the Advertising Business, Advertising Educational Foundation, February 3rd 2001.
             For Partial Fulfilment of the internal assessment required for ITGS.
             Date: November 4th, 2003.
             Word Count: 976.
             Presentation of The Issue.
             Personalized Internet advertising has become a trend in the last 3 to 4years. Advertising agencies customize their advertisements to that they relate to special web Audience. This is very useful if they are trying to sell a product, although it can become very aggravating for some consumers. Consumers no longer have to switch on their TV to watch the endless advertising breaks. They just have to surf the Internet or download an application and this is already filled with a database of advertisements. These advertisements will then show up when a user surfs a related website or at a certain time of day.
             The advertising agencies now use the Internet as a medium to display their advertisements and get more response, than the 1 or 2 percent gained from junk mail. They also send these short advertisements to cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).
             However, with this invasion of space arise problems such as the changing from a personal and friendly client-company relationship to a cold and non-personal atmosphere. This impersonal atmosphere is harming the way people relate to the advertisements and the products advertised. This type of push advertising is doing more damage than good.
             The IT Background of The Issue.
             Personalized or Custom Advertising means advertisements that are adapted to the user. Companies save a user's information of pages visited by storing their cookies. It is a text file that a Web server automatically sends to your PC when you browse certain Web pages. They are stored on your hard drive so servers can access them when you return to pages you've visited before.

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