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Who Are More Admirable

            In the play the Twelflh Night, the men and women do extraordinary things to make the play interesting. This gives us an idea of the personalties of these characters. So we ask, who are more admirable? Men or women? The characters in this play show many qualities that are needed in every day life, such a bravery, determination and loyalty. In this play, the characters show their true colours and find out who their real friends are. The women in this play posess these qualities, therefore make them more admirable. By comparing the action of male and female characters, the reasons why the women are admirable will become clear.
             There are many ways the characters in this play show loyalty. Olivia and Viola show loyalty to the ones that they love the most. In Act 1 Scene 1, the Duke comments on her vow "Oh she that hath a heart of that fine frame to pay his debt of love, but to brother". Olivia vowed to go into mourning for 7 years out of love for her brother. The duke admires this intention and believes that this example of loyalty reveals her true character. Viola also shows a part of her character by remaining loyal to the duke. "I will do my best to woo your lady [aside] yet a bareful strife whoe'er I woo myself would be his wife". Despite Violas secret love for the duke, she obeys his commands. At this part she is his messenger, and sees that the duke is madly in love with Olivia. Viola wishes she could overcome the obstacles, but remains in disguise throughout the play.
             People are driven to succeed for many reasons, whether it be love or revenge they are determined to complete the task at hand. Maria and Viola are perfect examples of this determination. In Act 2 Scene 3 Maria states " as for Monsieur Malvolio, let me alone with him. If I do not gull him into a nayword, and make him common recreation, do not think I have with him enough to lie straight in bed. I know I can do it". Maria's plot speaks for itself.

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