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double helix

             The double helix of the DNA is shown along with details of how the bases, sugars and phosphates connect to form the structure of the molecule. DNA is a double-stranded molecule twisted into a helix (think of a spiral staircase). Each spiraling strand, comprised of a.
             sugar-phosphate backbone and attached bases, is connected to a complementary strand by non-covalent hydrogen bonding between paired bases. (Watson, 1968) The bases are adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G). (Watson, 1968)"The stuff genes are made of."()In the early 1950's, British biophysicist Francis Crick and American biochemist James D. Watson determined the three dimensioned structure deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) with the help of Maurice Wilkins and the test results from Rosalind Franklin's x-ray diffraction images.(Levine, 1997) A DNA molecule is really the blue print for the genetic, because it determines attributes of living things. With this major discovery came a great prize, the Nobel Prize. Watson and Crick both shared this honor and received the Nobel prize in 1962 physiology as medicine.(Watson, 1968) James Watson later wrote a novel called "The Double Helix" which was like a diary of how the discovery was made.(Levine, 1997) Watson and Crick found the DNA diameter which is 20 A. The book displayed the hardships, conflicts, ethics, attitude, competition and unique theories which made this discovery more enjoyable.
             The scientific method is basically the underlying pattern of logical thoughts that is very similar to that used by all scientists. (Class Notes) This method was used in the remarkable discovery of DNA. This method consists of six steps, which are recognize a problem, collect the data, formulate a hypothesis, make control experiments, observations and results and conclusion. The problem which ariose was to understand how genetic information was duplicated and transmitted during mitosis.

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