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My Influence on Anthony White

            Throughout this whole experience, I have learned many things. Not to drink, how to choose my friends, and how I really hurt someone's feelings.
             I thought that it would be cool to drink with a bunch of my friends. Little did I know how much trouble I could get myself into? I've learned that I need to be a more responsible teenager and not to drink until I"m old enough. I've backed off the whole drinking thing since this has happened. I can assure that I will not drink anymore after this whole situation. Another thing I have learned is to be careful how I choose my friends. I thought I had really good friends but that's what I get for thinking. During this whole situation I thought my friends would take up for me and tell the truth about what had really happened that night, then come to find out, they all lied and put the blame on me. I took up for them and told the complete truth, but I guess they couldn't do the same for me. It hurt me the day I sat in your office and heard what my best friend Ashley said about this. It only hurt because it was a total lie and I was so shocked that she had said something like that. It's hard for me to have trust in any of my friends .
             anymore. I just have to be careful and be smart with who I choose to be my friends.
             Lastly another thing I have learned from this is how bad I really hurt someone's feelings. Shannon and I have been close for 5 years and I would never think of putting her life in danger or making her feel threatened. I would never want to put anyone through that. I hope things with Shannon and I can just get back to normal and we can go on with our lives as if this had never happened. I know that if something like this would happen to me, I would be really hurt and I understand the way Shannon feels now. But things with her and I are on a "speaking" level right now, and I hope that we can become close again. Like I said, I never meant to hurt her or make her feel as if her life was in any kind of danger.

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