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Transportation of Blood

             Usually when a transport of unconventional cargo (blood, chemicals, animals ) is done, the exporter needs to know something more about his cargo. The cargo needs to meet certain rules and regulations. Exporter should know what rules imply to his cargo, so he can calculate the costs of the transportation and see if this is going to be profitable for him and his company. The best place to get cargo information is from a cargo agent. .
             In my case, I am doing transport of blood. I started to get my information from a blood bank company. They gave me all relevant information about blood: its types, the storage and safety regulations and costs of it. After blood bank I contacted cargo agent, who explained me the procedure and paperwork to be done for blood. He also found me an airline, which would deliver the blood to its final destination.
             Information about Blood.
             Blood is composed of cells suspended in a liquid. These cells- red cells, white cells, and platelets- account for 45% of the volume of blood. The remaining liquid portion is the plasma, from which therapeutic fractions and derivatives are made. One pint of donated blood can be separated into several components to meet the needs of various patients.
             Red cells transport oxygen to body cells and remove carbon dioxide. Red cells need food that contain iron such as meat, liver, eggs, green leafy vegetables and whole grain bread to make them healthy. Red cells are produced in the bone marrow, at a normal rate of about 17 million cells per second. A disease related to red blood cells is Anemia.
             White cells (leukocytes) are the protective cells in the blood stream. They attack bacteria by squeezing through capillary walls to reach the area of infection where they destroy bacteria. White blood cells are also made in the bone marrow, and are produced at twice the rate of red blood cells. A disease related to white cells is Leukemia.
             Platelets are colourless cells, produced in the bone marrow by the fragments of megakaryocytes, whose main function is to control bleeding by helping to form wound-healing blood clots.

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