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The Ozone Layer 2

             The problem which I decided to adress in my campaign was the problems that are currently facing our Earth's ozone layer and breathable air. In this report I wish to educate you about the effects of ozone and hopefully I will motivate you to change your attitudes and actions to help with the problem.
             Ozone is defined as an odorless, colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen. It exists in our Earths upper atmosphere and at ground level. In the upper atmosphere, ozone serves as a protective shield to our Earth. It protects us by burning up things like asteroids or meteors before they hit our planet. It serves as a protective shield between ultra-violet rays of energy coming from our sun which have been proven to cause skin cancer. And it also is responsible for holding all of Earths oxygen by forming a sphere-like shape around our planet. Therefore our Earth's ozone layer has a very big role in keeping our beautiful planet Earth alive. But this particular kind of ozone is infact being destroyed by man today. Scientists have recently found a few holes in our ozone layer. The main of which is located above the south-pole and sized larger than the entire United States. It is being depleted by man-made chemicals frequently used on Earth today. Chemicals from aeresol sprays, air-conditioners, refridgerators, and cars etc. mainly because of their use of the chemical freeon and other chemicals toxic to ozone.
             There is another way however in which ozone is infact harmful. This occurs when ozone is formed at ground-level. It is often formed by pollutants from refineries, chemical plants, industrial boilers, power plants, and cars that are under the pressure of sunlight which effects their chemical composition. Over the years, scientists have been able to prove that ozone that is inhaled by people, often through a colored air called smog, can cause life-shortening effects on the respiratory system.

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