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Learning Football is Interesting

             How do I get my endurance up?A common question and problem,all players should be able to run their hardest for the full game, but how does it happen?Well,Soccer Maniac's Site has the answer.One way you get tired is through cramps,cramps are caused by muscles getting tied and too tight together.So you notice how people with six packs have each muscle visibly lined up.That is the basic idea behind this.To not get a cramp you should do about 30 sit-ups and 20 leg lifts and day so your muscles don't get tied up.The second reason you could get a cramp is your muscles getting tired.So really the best way to help that is to run every day and try to improve on yourself.
             How do I shoot Better?.
             The ideal shot is low,fast, and to the corners.To get the shot low the best way to do it is take a little off of it or shoot with your toe almost hitting the ground.To make your shot faster you can do a number of things such just shooting on a net or barn.It REALLY helps.Or go to an exercise machine and do leg-lifts.To keep keep you shot to the corners line up cones and try kicking the ball to them.After you can do that pretty well try kicking to them and doing.
             How can I get a coach to notice me?.
             When you want a coach to notice you,especially in try-outs is to stand out.Do something diffrent like wear the same clothes every practice.Really try to hustle and when doing laps, make sure you get in first.Make sure when doing things like passing and shooting to stick to the basics.
             What's the best thing to eat before a game?.
             What's the best thing to eat before a game? Before a game you want carbohydates(excuse the spelling) and minerals.Carbohydrates are a source of energy.One of the highest sources of carbrohydates is Pastas.Pastas store carbohydrates in you stomach for about 3 hours.In wich you could use for a soccer game.Gatorade would also be good but I'mn ot a 100% on that one.
             There are 3 ways to dribble.
             With the outside of your foot.

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