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The Handmaid's Tale vs. Real Life

            I believe that there are several examples of current and past history that have made a major impact in our lives. In the story The Handmaid's Tale major events like the assassination of the President and the banning of pornography changed the people's lives from individuals to a cult-like lifestyle.
             I believe that technology like the calculator and the computer have made a major impact in our lives. These days most people are dependent on these types of objects. Before technology we were able to do math without a calculator, entertain ourselves without a TV, and do our communicating and jobs without computers. We depend on these objects because it makes things faster and easier also. Just like we depend on technology the people in the novel tend to depend on the law and their style of living.
             Another part of history that has made a major impact in our lives is the Civil Rights movement. Not only did the constant struggle make an impact in the lives of African-Americans and Whites, but also it opened up a door for Latinos, Asians, Indians, and etc. to enter a not so prejudice, but more equal America. The struggle served as an influence to everyone to push for an "Equal America". This is kind of similar when Moria escaped, because she was an influence for "Offred" to escape. Once someone sees someone struggle but get through it gives a sense of hope, which is what "Offred" felt.
             Lastly Sept. 11 was an event that made a huge impact in history. Like in the story when they assassinated the President, we aimed for revenge and to get even with the enemy. Unlike the story though we didn't go into chaos, because everything was well thought out. But it affected us so much that it is still affecting us now; like the terrorist alerts, the chemical and biological scares, the Al-Qaeda threats, and airport protection and security. .
             These events have affected us in major ways that they still affect us now, from the dependence of technology to the trauma of Sept.

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