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Curious George or Communist!

             Some people think that the curious George book series was written for the enjoyment of young children based around a curious little monkey and his adventures. But Curious George is a book based around a very sensitive and highly mature theme. Although the writing and direct subject matter may seem very fluffy and juvenile, curious George has a much deeper meaning hidden in between the lines. If a person were to look closely enough they would see that these books are a direct representation of the relationship between the capitalists and the communists. .
             The curious George series is based around a curious monkey named George. Much like communism George's intentions are good, but the world around him isn't ready for the way he does things. George is very curious and he gets into a lot of mischief and then the man in the yellow hat has to step in and straighten him out. If the people around George had kept there things out of sight or at least made there things safer to use George would not get himself into these situations that he couldn't get himself out of. The man in the yellow hat (capitalism) would not have to straighten him out. This is much like what goes on in communist countries. If the world was perfect and nobody was selfish, communism could work. Communism is based around the government owning everything and the people having the right to the same things no matter what their status in society is. As soon as the government becomes corrupt communism falls apart and the system breaks down. So as soon as curious George becomes corrupted by his curiosity he gets into trouble with the man in the yellow hat who is forced to straiten George out.
             North Vietnam, Russia, Cuba, As well as china are all or were all communist countries. Russia collapsed after the cold war because communism failed in their country and capitalism had seeped in. This is quite like the time curious George spilt the ink in the office.

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