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             The definition of science has been pondered since ancient times. The correct definition still has not been found to this day. In the essay what is Science? by George Orwell; Orwell debates the two sides or definition of science. .
             Orwell's essay in my opinion is not out of date. The ideas he expresses apply to our world and society today. An example of this is science is something that happens in a laboratory?. On a daily basis especially as students we mis-define science or scientist as people who sit in there labs concocting potions or miracle drugs to save the world. The only difference in this statement is back then it was for discovery of natural events and today its not to further our knowledge of the world but to make money off of our sicknesses and weaknesses. .
             When the essay talks of Nazi Germany and of all the literature that was circulated, the same applies to today society. Nazi Germany circulated this literature for the purpose of expanding their group or organization. Just the same millions of pages are printed everyday for religious, governmental and economic organizations. This flooding of information; I believe, is the second definition of science. The education of the common man for the purpose of expanding or having immediate growth of ones organization.
             In my opinion the differences of the two definitions are clearly stated in the essay. The first definition isscience is something that happens in a laboratory? or the study of the natural world?. The second definition is thatscience is a study of people and the society they live in?. The similarity of the two definitions is that both processes have to go through extensive testing, repetitive actions to find an exact answer or to make a general observation. .
             The differences are the actual content of study. The content of the first definition include the natural world, physical attributes of the earth such as water, wind fire, earth.


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