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             People in every society are controlled through the environment in which they live. The ones who are in control set the standards of what is normal and what is acceptable to be a part of that society. Unfortunately the abuse of power leads to the unlimited use of it. So authorities are willing to go to any extremes to keep control over people in this society. They deprive people of basic human rights to think and act according to their free will.
             One of the ideas of total control is described in "Brave New World" By A. Huxley. His vision of world has as a basic the conditioning of people. The conditioning starts as early as an embryo. He describes the world where society is constructed their way of life based on the laws of science. People in this world have no God, no string that tie people together. Such as love, parenthood, and true friendship. Controllers of this society are using non violent way to keep people in line. They say that the most important thing is to keep people happy. So in order to provide people with happiness they use soma. This small pill gives people the way to brake away from the word in which they live. It gives them false science of happiness, an illusion of perfect society, which works very good as an addition to genetic conditioning. Genetic conditioning separates human being from the moment they are conceived giving them specific characteristics corresponding to their class. It modifies their ability to think, to decide and gives them view of the world as Controllers want them to see. .
             The concept of control in society is also depicted by G. Orwell in "1984". However he draws different picture of controlled society. His vision of the world id much darker and hopeless. People in his vision are controlled trough the constant brain washing and threats to their lives. Their ultimate purpose is blind acceptance of the things they tell people and compliance to their power.

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