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Romeo and Juliet

             In Romeo and Juliet , by William Shakespeare, there are several minor and.
             Out of all the characters I had to pick from, I chose Romeo. I.
             chose Romeo, because Romeo and I are alike in several ways, and different in.
             others. So far, I have liked Romeo from the beginning, except a few flaws that I.
             will discuss in this essay. Although we are alike in many ways, there are some.
             things that I don't agree on. This essay goes to show that not a lot of things have.
             changed even over 400 years.
             One example from the play that fits myself, I thought, was when even though.
             not invited to the Capulet party, Romeo persists to go just to see the one he loves. .
             This very example has happened to me before, which I find ironic and a little.
             strange at the same time. I attended one of my friend's party not even a month ago,.
             expecting to be with this girl I?ve liked for a while. Turns out when I get there, a.
             girl (unknown) took my breath away. There was no flaw or imperfection in this girl. .
             She, as Romeo shows in the play when he sees Juliet, was just amazing. Even.
             though I was invited to this party, and Romeo was not to the Capulet's, the very.
             same thing happened. I blew off the girl I was supposed to be with (which I feel.
             bad about doing now), just as Romeo did, but unlike me, Romeo could care less.
             about Rosaline's feelings. He wanted Juliet and nothing would stop him! I.
             wouldn't say this was love at first sight, because I believe I haven't had the pleasure.
             to experience that yet, but in Romeo's case, it was.
             Another example I can relate to in the play is where Romeo goes to the Friar.
             wanting to get married with Juliet right away. I don't think I'm as thick-headed as.
             Romeo, but I do rush into things sometimes. There is nothing that could stop.
             Romeo and Juliet from getting married, except Friar Lawrence, and even he agreed.
             on this occasion. He felt this marriage would bring peace and unity between the two.
             families, the Montagues and the Capulets.

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