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Monsters Inc Review

            " is a very entertaining, amusing and fun packed film for all ages. The movie is filled with good jokes, fun characters, and it's able to keep your attention throughout. The movie stars Billy Crystal as "Mike" a big green eye monster, and John Goodman as "Sully" a giant blue, hairy monster. Both actor haven't starred in any movies recently however. This movie would be a good one for any ages to see. It's a good movie for parents to bring their children too, whether their very young or not.
             This movie is rated "G" and it deserves this rating. It's intended for young children, so its context is appropriate for them to see. "Monster's Inc." is known for being a comedy, because of the adventures these two star monsters go through during the movie. They"re always doing something funny, whether it's making a joke, or doing something to each other. This movie is about Mike and Sully's tiring adventure in trying to return a little girl named Boo back into her bedroom after she accidentally escapes into the monsters world during an intended scare by another one of the monsters. .
             Billy Crystal does a good job making Mike into a goofy, worrying, ladies-man type of monster, whose only concerns are getting the woman of his dreams and getting Boo back before anything happens. John Goodman does an equally good job by making Sully into a caring, warm hearted monster, despite his size. Sully plays a part time parent to Boo while she is trapped in the monsters world. They both are able to really bring these characters to life.
             I would give this movie 4 out of 4 stars because I thought it was a great movie. It kept my attention, and continually made me laugh. I would recommend movies such as "Toy Story", "Shrek", and "A Bugs Life" to others who also enjoyed this type of movie. All those movies have the same type of animation, a good variety of personalities in the characters and are all entertaining.

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