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Kate Chopin

            Kate Chopin'sThe Storm? explores the irrepressible desires of a young woman, drawn into the arms of a lost love as her husband and son are caught in a storm. The story, which takes place in the early 1900's, features Calixta as a dutiful housewife, devoted to her family, not at all unhappy with her life. When a storm keeps her family away, and brings an old love back into her life, Calixtaunconsciously? gives into the temptation that accompanies Alcee. Chopin adapts a tone of approval as she compares the storm outside to the raging whirlwind of desire in Calixta's body. The author uses the techniques of symbolism, structure, and diction to convey to the reader her feelings on the affair. .
             Chopin's use of symbolism throughoutThe Storm? is significant in that it shows Calixta's innocence throughout the internal storm that engulfs her. The affair itself takes place on the couch, leaving the bed unviolated, with the sanctity of marriage soundly preserved. The purity of the affair is depicted through the author's use of the color white. Chopin uses the color again and again, specifically in her description of Calixta's body. She mentions her white neck, white breasts, and white flame.? Calixta's white neck shows the true purity inside of her. She refers to the passion as a white flame. In addition to the white symbolizing innocence and purity, the white is also symbolic as the hottest part of the flame; This passion was a force too powerful for her and Alcee to control. Chopin also uses a reference to a creamy lily to reinforce Calixta's purity and to link her to natural forces. .
             The structure of the story is unique in its setup, for although the story is only three pages in length, the events are unfolded in a series of five different parts. In part one Chopin establishes Calixta and her family as normal and happy. Calixta's family is very close: the father and son take walks together to the store and often pick up her up some of her favorite treats.

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