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Why was Russia so hard to cont

            Why was Russia so hard to control in 1905?.
             Russia was so hard to control for many reasons in 1905 as it was experiencing many economic, social and political difficulties. In 1905, Russia was experiencing an Industrial revolution, causing thousands of people to surge into the cities causing cramp and unpleasant conditions. Russia faced the social problem of that if you lived in Russia at this time you were either very rich or extremely poor, there were few middle classed citizens. The main political problem facing Russia was that it was an autocracy, there was no parliament to represent the people, with the surge of many working classes into the cities, communication was improved, and they wanted someone to represent their views. .
             In Russia in 1905 people belonged to one of three classes, you were either; the nobility, the middle classes or a peasant/ worker. Four out of every five were peasants and life for them was extremely hard, many died from starvation or diseases such as cholera that combined killed 400,000 in 1891. The gaps in wealth between these groups were wide from the nobility living in huge, grand palaces to the workers sharing a wooden shack with only a sheet hung for privacy.
             Only 1% of the population of Russia were rich compared with 80% of the population being peasant. If you were rich you had an easy life living in your extravagant home rarely working, spending most of your time at the theatre or at parties. With this sort of social system, it is easy to see why this may have aggravated the peasants with the wealth of the country laying in the hands of only 1% of the population.
             To widen the gap even more many Russians did not actually speak Russian, making communication across this vast nation virtually impossible when up against the other factors of high illiteracy and a poor rail network.
             In the 1890's, Russia experienced agreat spurt? in its industrial expansion.

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