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             This essay is about the November 1917 revolution, the events that led up to and contributed to the revolution and Lenin's role in the revolution. These include the different social, political and economic causes of the Russian Revolution, things such as which social class should lead the uprising, the Mensheviks who wanted to change Russia by a democratic vote and social reform. Lenin's ideology who and where it came from, if his brothers death had anything to do with his political ideology. The social, political and economic events of November 1917, these include the food shortages and progressively losing the war. The reasons why the revolution was a success and Lenin's role in that success.
             The causes of the Russian Revolution start with the problems, when the duma declared the provisional government it took into hands not only the country but its problems as well, because the government inherited the economic problems it put a great strain on the country's resources thus affecting its performance to run the country properly. The decision by the government to continue the war effort was not like by the people, the reason why Kerensky wanted to keep Russia in the war was so that when they won the war he would be re-elected. During this time many of the political parties that had been working underground finally came to the surface, the main contenders were the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. The Mensheviks want a social reform but wanted it to be done in gradual way with each change being looked at by the government and then implemented democratically, but the Bolsheviks had a different idea and wanted to take control of the government and cause a revolution.
             The economic problems of Russia were serve people were starving because they couldn't afford the food or there just wasn't enough, the factory's were only producing enough ammunition to give each soldier that had a weapon three bullets a day, boots and clothing was also scarce for the soldiers.

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