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Business in Russia

             Many believe that Russia is one of the best opportunities for foreign investment and other international business opportunities today. Since the collapse of communism in Russia and the extinction of the USSR in December of 1991, business opportunities that were not possible before began to shape. Today, over twelve years later, Russia remains a country with a lot of opportunity, but also risk in doing business. Bank closures and a high crime rate are just two obstacles faced by multinational companies doing business in Russia today.
             Hardened by centuries of war with her neighbors and having endured generally tougher economic conditions than in the West, the Russian people believe that one should hope for the best, but should always prepare for the worst. This belief reflects a mentality that is somewhat different than our way of generally thinking positive, which maintains that if one keeps trying and thinks positively, good things will happen. Reactions to failure also differ. Confronted by defeat, Westerners tend to respond more actively than our Russian counterparts. Russians, on the other hand, are ready for the worst-case scenario, so if and when it does happen, they are able to accept the worst more readily than we are.
             Russia's population of 145 million is one reason it should not be overlooked as a place to expand business enterprises. The people of Russia are still in the learning process of trying to become a successful democracy. Major urban centers show tremendous differences in economic development compared to rural areas. While good facilities and infrastructure exist in Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other large cities, they are not developed in most of Russia and some of the goods and services that are taken for granted in other countries are not yet available. This has given the "green light" for companies that are will to take the risk to expand into regions where there goods, services, and jobs are much needed and desired.

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