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The crucible

             The theme of wearing masks applies to many stories.
             masks that the characters wear are not literal masks but metaphors for .
             concealing a person's true nature. In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, .
             the main characters struggle to survive through the untimely events that .
             preceded the Salem Witch Trials. Their personal desires and vendettas drove them to accuse their neighbors of witchcraft. In the play .
             The Crucible, some of the characters wear masks to save themselves and .
             ultimately try to fulfill their own personal desires.
             Angry at the deaths of her lost seven children, Mrs. Putnam appears to .
             wear a mask by trying to find a scapegoat for her misfortunes. When Mrs. .
             Putnam's daughter Ruth, becomes sick Mrs. Putnam and her husband go to .
             Reverend Parris to seek an explanation of the recent events. Knowing that .
             Parris? daughter Betty has the same symptoms as Ruth, Mrs. Putnam .
             Immediately concludes that it is the work of witchcraft, which has enslaved .
             her child. As she contemplates her failed seven child deliveries of the .
             past, she begins to get restless and looks for a scapegoat. Her first target .
             is revealed when she speaks of sending Ruth to Parris? slave Tituba only to .
             say Tituba knows how to speak to the dead, Mr. Parris (15). Being a sin .
             to speak to the dead, Tituba immediately denies anything to do with the .
             dead. Tituba is obviously innocent, but everyone around her immediately .
             accuses her by the mere babbling of Mrs. Putnam. Cornered and trapped.
             Tituba is forced to falsely confess to witchcraft. As she confesses she .
             mentions the name.
             of Sarah Good and says Aye, sir and Goody Osburn(18). Being the former .
             midwifes of.
             Mrs. Putnam, Sarah and Goody Osburn were very prone to be accused of .
             witchcraft. When Mrs. Putnam hears Tituba's false confession she .
             immediately blames the deaths of her seven lost children on the innocent .
             A slave with no rights or relevant pretenses, Tituba struggles to survive .

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