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french tunisia

            Before the period where the French troops invaded Tunisia, the Tunisian military was strong and sufficient. . In 1940, French authorities in Tunisia decided to cooperate with Pro-German government in Vichy, France. Tunisia became the battlegrounds for important military operations. Instead of modernizing Tunisia into a better country, the French put the citizens in danger. Tunisian people and authorities were fed up with the war and military standards the French incurred on them. In 1952, following the breakdown of postwar negotiations with France, popular demonstrations steadily increased against the French who struggled to regain control. The first problem the Tunisians had to deal with after independence was, when in February 1958, the French bombed the Tunisian border village of Sidi Sakiet. This showed that France authorities were not happy with the independence of France. They supposedly believed that this was the site of the center of rebel activity. Intimidated of the French after this surprising attack, Tunisian armies and citizens cooperated with everything the French ordered. The French used the people asslaves?, making them combine forces with the French. The French army and authorities were very demanding. The Tunisians never did anything to bother them. Did they come to colonize Tunisia, or destroy it? This was a difficult time in Tunisia. It became worse when in 1961 Tunisian citizens and French citizens began to throw punches and fists. Bloody clashes lasted for about a year. Tunisia seemed to be most affected by this part of the colonization. People became angry they rioted, protested and even started clashes. The French didn't realize that instead of helping the Tunisians update their country, they ruined it and angered the Tunisians.
             The French had a tremendous effect on Tunisia. Many political, economic and military events that are occurring have come from the French people or the ways of the French.

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