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Lady Macbets vs Macbeth

            Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are two interesting and contrasting characters. They have several of the same characteristics and some contrasting. My collage contrasts and compares Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.
             In the center of my collage I showed several aspects that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had in common is their driving ambition. Macbeth strived to be King and he wife strived for him. In the center right I show a picture of Julius Caesar an ambition man whose ambition's got him killed just like Macbeth. I wrote ambition downwards symbolizing ambition led to their downfall. Another mutual bond was there love for each other. Macbeth accepts his wife's guidance and Lady Macbeth will go to the ends of the world for her husband. Right on top of the sign that say's love I put the infinity sign symbolizing that they would each do anything for each other especially Lady Macbeth. .
             On the top right under Lady Macbeth's name I put a picture of muscle symbolizing she made the important decisions in the relationship and that she was the stronger one. I also put her on top (her display) to show she was more powerful in their relationship. The smiling face at the right shows that her committing suicide would led to her happiness as she was to ill to live on earth. .
             On the bottom I displayed Macbeth. I wrote Macbeth's name going downwards because through out the whole play he was morally degrading himself. I put Macbeth's name next to a baby because Macbeth can't make decisions by himself. He keeps on needing some one their for reassurance (his wife and the witches). I put a small picture of a Stanley Cup (the top trophy in hockey) to show that Macbeth was still a respected general who won several battle and showed his courageousness on the battle field several times. The quote shows his valour on the battlefield. .

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