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New England and Chesapeake

             The New England and Chesapeake region developed differently because of contributing factors, which include not only their reasons for establishing in the New World, but also the difference in their economy, and their different environments. It's these factors that shape not only their lifestyles, but also the way their societies were shaped. The inhabitants of the New England Colonies were Puritans who had traveled to the New World in order to escape the religious tyranny of England and to save their children from the influence of the Dutch. In contrast the travelers to the Chesapeake Bay Colonies came in search for gold. As the colonies grew their environments caused not only disease, but also the threat of attacks from nearby Indians, which varied in severity between colonies. As each colony flourished their environments contributed greatly to their economy. Each colony had a distinct source of income, which varied their lifestyles. It is evident that these factors caused the colonies to be unique from one another.
             In 1606, a joint stock company known as the Virginia Company received a charter for settlement in the New World. Soon after in 1607 the first inhabitants of the Chesapeake Bay Colony arrived. The purpose of this voyage was to search for a precious metal, this metal was gold. In Smith's book (F), John stated that the worst among the emigrants were the gold seekers. These emigrants thought and talked only of digging gold, finding gold, and loading gold. Their minds and hearts were fixed on greed. Most of these voyagers were men. On the ship's list of emigrants on the Merchant's Hope ( C ), the majority of it's passenger were men in their twenties. Only a few women came on the voyage. The founding of Jamestown was meant to be a temporary settlement until they found a large sum of gold. There was no gold to be found so Jamestown in turn became a permanent settlement.
             Disagreeing with some ideals of the Church of England, extreme Puritans known as Separatists decided to break entirely away from it.

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