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annotated bibliography

             "What You Need to Know About Owning Your Own Business." Career Directions for Dental Hygienists. Newark: Career Directions Press, 1985.
             The chapter gives the reader background information and recounts personal experiences related to independent practice as well as listing places to inquire for more information about running a small business. The chapter defines sole proprietorship and tells of the financial responsibilities of a sole proprietor. It defines partnership and gives tax information and advice for choosing a partner. Three hygienists give their first hand experiences in independent dental hygiene practice. Each hygienist runs a different type of practice and gives her reason for going into hygiene. The hygienists also discuss their educations, careers, and experiences. The chapter provides a lot of detailed legal information and personal experiences that are helpful for someone considering independent dental hygiene practice.
             Dreyer, Regina A. "Four Independent Contractors (and how they grew)." RDH July/Aug 1984: 37-48.
             This article tells about the experiences of four dental hygienists who have started their own independent practices. Many aspects of the independent dental hygiene practice are covered thoroughly such as start-up costs, services rendered, and personal benefits. The article gives a brief personal history of the hygienists' education, hygiene career experiences, and some advice for a person considering independent practice. The article is objective, in that it gives both positive and negative experiences of independent dental hygiene practice.
             Greenwood-Grant, JoAnn. "Options Wide Open with Solo Practice." RDH June 1989: 40-41.
             This is an article telling about some of the opportunities open to an independent dental hygienist. The examples given are private office practice, portable practice, practice in a large company, retirement home, day care center, or school.

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