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Should All Hackers Be Treated

            At the start of the twenty-first century, the United States has found itself a victim of a group of terrorist attacks. The United States government as a result has shown no toleration when dealing with any related issues. So in turn the United States government is considering to pass a law that would treat all hackers, or people which gain unauthorized access to other computers, as terrorist. The bill is being criticized for many reasons such as that a low-level computer intruder, committing small crimes could be punishable by a penalty of life in prison (Broersma). The United States government however does not see it like this but simply as a way to make America and the rest of the world a safer place to live. .
             Computer Hacking came in just about 1981 when IBM introduced its new computer model which was stand alone and fully loaded with a CPU and software (Slatalla). With this "personal computer" one could go anywhere and do just about anything. For example, one of the first group of hackers were the 414's, which broke into systems at institutions like Los Alamos Laboratories in the early 1980's. The cops then cracked down on them and put them behind bars (Slatalla). However this wasn't the end of anything as many more groups of hackers formed in the next few years. In 1984 a hacker by the name of Lex Luthor formed the Legion of Doom or LOD. They were a dream team of hackers and had the best of the best on the team (Mienel). It was because of this that a dispute popped up between two members and a kid named Phiber Optik was kicked off. He then formed his own hacker club called the Masters of Deception, and then as a result the great hacker war sprung up between the two groups. For two years from 1990 the two clubs engaged in online warfare. They trespassed in each others private computers and jammed telephone lines. Again the cops stepped and so in turn Phiber's club was put in jail (Slatalla).

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