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World War Web

            The possibilities of the next World War taking place over the Internet or any specified network should not be disregarded. Nowadays, the communications, transfers of money, electric power grids, and air traffic control largely rely on electronic means. Destroying this would mean shutting down all the vital interaction between them that would cause danger to the public. For example, a hospital would require having access to their patient's online medical records, without which the patient's life would be in danger. Important places of the world are likely targets for info warriors and can be destroyed easily. Internet wars are very dominant on the world wide web. What may start out as friendly chatter, may soon lead to a hateful exchange of words and threats. It is this behaviour which contributes to hatred on the internet, and one of the reasons for which people invest their time in learning to hack. .
             An information war can just refer to the violation of personal security, fraud, and corruption on the internet. Everyday when we log on someone can be out there learning about where we live, what we are doing online and what we keep on our computer. They can be stealing financial records, going through personal files and finding credit card numbers all by a simple click of a mouse. This is the information war a war not fought with guns and planes but rather a mouse and a keyboard. With just a simple click web sites can go down and business networks can fail. Why only worry about the next bombing? When damage done on the internet can have similar devastating affects. .
             The soldiers of the information war can be anyone. It doesn't require taking any tests, being in a certain physicality or being a part of a certain country. It just requires a user, a computer and maybe a tutorial to teach them the ways of the net. These soldiers are known as hackers. The American Heritage ® Dictionary of the English Language defines the word hacker as One who uses programming skills to gain illegal access to a computer network or file.

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