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             Consequences In Hemingway's "A Very Short Story".
             In Hemingway's "A Very Short Story," there is a very specific idea presented. Hemingway, however, has a very unique way of portraying this point. His technique can almost be described as confusing. With his simple wording and his careless sentences, it is very easy for the reader to misinterpret or not understand the text. One must read the story very carefully, even numerous times, before understanding the reason of this tale. Though one may say Hemingway has many flaws in his writing, one sees he is still criticizing a very important issue through this story.
             As the story opens, the reader learns that there is an affair between a nurse and her patient. The reader may come to this conclusion by a few lines at the beginning of the story. Hemingway notes, "Luz sat on the bed. She was cool and fresh in the hot night"(358). This clearly tells the reader that Luz was in the man's bed, and it shows the passion that the man has for her. On the following page, Hemingway writes, "After he got on crutches he used to take the temperatures so Luz would not have to get up from the bed. As he walked back along the halls he thought of Luz in his bed"(359). This, also, lets the reader know of the situation that is taking place. During the time they spend in the hospital, the two fall in love with each other. They desperately want to be married, but due to certain circumstances are not able to. The reader learns of the circumstances when Hemingway writes, "They wanted to get married, but there was not enough time for the banns, and neither of them had birth certificates" (359). Later, the two devise a plan to be together. The man goes to America to get a job so that he and she can get married. .
             The man leaves for America as planned, and he agrees that he is there for one reason only. He is not to drink or hang out with friends.

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