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Lost Horizon essay

            James Hilton created Lost Horizon as an ideal society as an escape from the reality of the outside world. He created many diverse characters with different opinions and beliefs. Even some personalities went to the extreme. Mallinson was immature and impatient, while Conway was the total opposite. Even though Barnard was thief, he was a fun loving type of man while Ms. Brinklow was very stiff and not very personable. Although, Barnard, Ms. Brinklow and Conway had dissimilar perspectives of Shangri-La; they overall enjoyed it. .
             Barnard worked in the banking industry. He was caught stealing money out of accounts and was going to be charged for his crime. The flight he took to Shangri-La hid him and kept him from danger. He could get away "scot-free" and never have to worry about anything ever again. It was a safe haven for him. He found many things to do during his stay at Shangri-La. Barnard thought about how to make money and a faster production rate of gold was the answer. He said he was thinking about how to produce more gold for the village. Barnard also enjoyed the village and their philosophy, but what he mostly enjoyed were the village's women! Barnard unquestionably appreciated Shangri-La because Shangri-La hid him away from the real world. While Barnard appreciated the village, Ms. Brinklow felt Shangri-La gave her a purpose. .
             Ms. Brinklow was a missionary. When she came over to Shangri-La she felt as if she were needed. She also enjoyed the peace and tranquility she felt for the village. Although, she did not agree with their philosophy and felt she needed to convert them. Chang explained to everyone what their philosophy is "I should say our general belief was in moderation. We preach to virtue itself Our people are moderately honest, moderately chaste, and some what more than moderately happy." Chang had conversations with Ms. Brinklow explaining the religion. Ms. Brinklow stayed in Shangri-La because she felt at peace with and herself and with others.

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