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Mac Beth

            In the summer of 1606, Shakespeare sat contented as King James I, rapt with awe, watched Macbeth.
             had wanted such a reaction from the King who used to fall asleep during plays. In fact, his very purpose for writing .
             Macbeth was to honor his new King from Scotland. The legend of Macbeth and his deeds was told to James constantly .
             during his childhood because he had a direct claim to the story. He was one of Banquo's foretold descendants to sit .
             on the throne of Scotland. .
             Many of the events that occur in the play have a direct correlation to James. The fact that this play deals with .
             treachery and deceit is due to the constant attempts to assassinate James. One reason Macbeth might start out as .
             the Thane of Glamis is because James was once held hostage by this very thane. The thane's wife was a reported .
             witch whose meddling caused the delay of James" marriage. Another conspiracy was by one of his favorites, Lennox. .
             Lennox used and manipulated the king to fill his own pockets. .
             To understand some of the content and the very reasons that Macbeth was written, it seems important to know .
             the facts surrounding the life of James. Macbeth was written at a time when England was experiencing a love affair .
             with all things Scottish due to the new King. .
             James was born on Wednesday June 19th, 1566. The son of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley, he was the .
             heir to the throne of Scotland and had a legitimate claim to the throne of England. There were rumors that he was .
             illegitimate. The man that was rumored to be his actual father was taken out of his mother's chambers a few weeks .
             before he was born and stabbed to death. Some believe that this was done in the queen's sight to prompt a miscarriage. .
             The queen's husband was murdered by a man who was rumored to be her lover, in early 1567. Fear of an uprising .
             from the people made Mary place James in the custody of the Earl of Mar. Later that year, the queen married Brothwell, .

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