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            Hamlet, by the great William Shakespeare, is a piece of work for the ages. How Shakespeare can take a relatively normal revenge story and turn in to a classic for all-times is rather remarkable. In my opinion, the title of Hamlet is the best title for this playwright. I think that the title is more significant to the reader after the completion of the playwright. The title stands for all the tragedy in the play. How can a noble and respected king, such as the late King Hamlet, be assassinated by his own blood for the throne that he sits upon? That is of the many twisted plot lines that Shakespeare gives to us in this playwright. In my opinion, the name "Hamlet" stands for all that is good in the playwright. Both of the Hamlet's were upstanding and honorable men. They fought for the best interests of their country whether the citizens agreed or disagreed with their actions. .
             William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is probably the greatest playwright of all-time. His abilities instilled a passion and an overwhelming increase in the interest of plays. His works were also very instrumental in the Renaissance movements. Most of Shakespeare's work was completed in iambic pentameter. He also created soliloquies and gave a rhythmic beat to his plays. He did his work during the seventeenth century and during the Renaissance period in Europe. His others works of art included Othello, Julius Cesar, Romeo and Juliet, and Mac Beth to name a few. .
             After much debate within myself, I have concluded that Hamlet should be considered a tragicomedy. It is quite obvious why it would be considered a tragedy. The King of Denmark is killed and the murderer resumes power of the country. The main character of the play, Prince Hamlet, is told by the ghost of his late father who the killer was. Hamlet's purpose in life is to kill King Claudius for his previous actions that occurred upon his father. As in all tragedies, the main character, Prince Hamlet, dies by the sword as well as the rest of the main characters.

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