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            As the story of Macbeth progresses deeper into the story, Macbeth seemed to have changed his personality, thoughts, and perspective of others because of the desire for supremacy or prosperity. The desire for authority and power can manipulate you on the way you think and act and can also change a person's perception even if it is towards someone that you love, either it be a close friend or a relative. .
             Since Macbeth had a craving for better things, he had changed his opinions of others that he once had used to love so that he could obtain control and achieve royalty on the throne. Macbeth had been given information that when Duncan were to pass away, that Malcolm shall take Duncan's position as Thane, and because of this knowledge, Macbeth had been very irritated and had wanted to rule Scotland. Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, had also wanted to become a part of this had wanted to become queen. She would have literally done anything to be crowned queen, even if it meant killing Duncan.
             Lady Macbeth had introduced herself as a very important role in the dreadful and horrific murder of Duncan. The murder was well-planned to the point of perfection. Although Macbeth had begun to have doubts about the whole idea, Lady Macbeth had told him otherwise and had somehow convinced Macbeth that the rewards would be a definite increase to the popularity of Macbeth, as well as a highly boosted self-esteem and self-image. Lady Macbeth's and Macbeth's intentions were out of pure evil and hate, but Lady Macbeth seemed to have been so much more aggressive and manly than Macbeth, as if she was to be the intelligent mastermind behind the whole plan.
             Lady Macbeth's selfish thoughts were just as evil as Macbeth's, and thus had influenced Macbeth a great deal. This had changed Macbeth from an exceedingly loyal and dedicated general of Duncan, to a gory and vicious, non-merciful murderer with a heart full of evil and hatred.

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