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My Process for the Love of Chile

            A little over the age of five is when I encountered my first acquired taste. Being stubborn and picky on food was one thing I was good at. However, as the tip of my tongue touched a fire filled pepper, I immediately realized that chili peppers were not my friend. Despite the new foe I made, I was later forced to learn my first acquired taste that made me a better person through a process of family punishment and society influence.
             As most kids in life will learn if society cannot get to you first then family will. I was very energetic and mischievous when I was young. I never wanted to eat, thus I often ran off playing in the backyard because I thought eating was a waste of time and should be dealt with swiftly. But like all parents, they as well would call me to eat. We ate crabs at one dinner and my father loved a hot sauce by the name of Tabasco with his red crab claw. Eventually from previous incidents of me running off, I finally angered him because the family would not start dinner until everyone was there, plus my father was tired and more than starving that night. He yelled to my older sisters to ambush me and hold me down with my mouth wide open. I did put up a fight, but eventually was caught and there I was strapped down on the floor and mouth wide open by my two sisters along with my two brothers who got into the scene to hold my legs. Soon enough my dad arrived and applied several big drops of hot sauce in my mouth. I did not realize the kick of fire at first, but as soon as my mouth shut tears started to shed out the corner of my eyes. I was yelling and drenched from sweat and tears for five to eight minutes, in addition learned water did not help at all. My family thought my reaction was comical and used that tactic several more times on different scenarios to make me, as sad as it sounds, obedient. I later adapted to the venom of Tabasco, but by that time my families training was done.

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