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Smart Weightlifting

            Perfection of the body has always had a certain enticement pulling me towards it. However, perfection can never be achieved. But the road towards it can. In fact, the road towards perfection can never end if we don't let it. But how do we strive to perfect the body? There are many sports that help the body reach certain levels of fitness. Sure there are drinks that give you more energy and maybe help you gain a little mass. But weightlifting is the sole way in which muscle can be built and toned. There is a certain felling one gets one he/she leaves the weight room after a good, hard workout. A feeling satisfaction. But even though weightlifting can be so beneficial to someone, if not done in a fashion that is safe and responsible, it can be harmful or even deadly. Making sure that you have a spotter for squats, bench and other heavy lifts, is one of the smartest things one can do to prevent injuries. Diet is also a very important part of weightlifting. If one doesn't eat right, how can one expect their body to function properly under the amount of stress weightlifting puts on them? Your body is like a machine. It requires proper fuel. That is, eating many fruits and vegetables, along with your proteins; meat, dairy and so on. When you lifts, what you are actually doing, is tearing your muscle fibers. What makes your muscles get bigger, is your muscle fibers healing again. And your diet plays a big part in how those fibers heal. Weightlifting is an enjoyable and satisfying sport, but only if done properly.

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