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Sport and My High School Years

            "On your mark, get set, go!"" I used to get such an adrenaline rush from just hearing those six words. It was as if I was going to start running and wouldn't be able to stop; at times it even felt like I had wings. I had so much energy back then. It seems that my childhood consisted of sun, sweat, and, because I was so competitive, plenty of victories and defeats. .
             In elementary school, I was shy, docile and always preferred being alone. Never in my life did I imagine that this phase of my life I would learn so much about myself. Elementary school days were probably one of the best times in my whole entire life before and after sport. Team sports in elementary never came to mind because I was always so busy burying my face in the magical world of Harry Potter. Reading books was always on my agenda because I loved reading more books than the rest of my class, at that time I didn't know that one of my traits was competitiveness. .
             Physical Education (PE) was probably the one period I hated out of the day. Until one day, we were asked to run the "Texas lap" in the field behind the school that connected San Carlos Elementary and JFK; the field mammoth - the length of two professional football fields. As one of my classmates and I were walking out to start the Texas lap he says to me while we stretched "I bet you that I can leave you in the dust ". I got so annoyed, I couldn't explain why. I agreed to his challenge and as soon as we stepped on that grass. I started running as if there was no tomorrow. My legs started shaking, I felt like I was going to fall flat on my face. I couldn't give up though. Taking longer strides as I ran, I left my classmates in my dust and that gave me the greatest satisfaction. .
             As soon as I finished our physical education coach was standing by the finish line with her arms crossed and a big smirk on her face. She asked if I could stay after class and that's when I got to meet the track and field team, she gave me the opportunity to be in a sport; something that was so new to me.

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