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Why Does Reality TV Capture Our Attention?

            Why Does Reality Television Capture Our Attention?.
             There is a new type of TV taken the world by storm. TV that has hooked us in like never before. Some shows are live some may be taped but they all seem to use the same type of content. This type of TV is called Reality TV, however is it real, is it fake, or is it just plain gross. It could be anything that makes these shows popular but I am going to try and find out really what it is.
             There's no doubt about it million and millions of people are drawn in every week to watch their reality TV show. Why is this the case? What is so popular about this kind of TV? Could it be women in bikinis? Or maybe the enjoyment of watching people eat disgusting things. The TV hosts and producers call this entertainment, however last time I knew eating the brains of an animal wasn't to fun or entertaining. I watch reality TV all the time and I have my reasons. I watch it sometimes basically to watch people make fools of themselves and sometimes to see people end up with something great. .
             Look at Fear Factor for example. If a person wins they only get fifty thousand dollars. Look at all they have to go through to get there. The contestants sometimes eat bugs, brains, intestines, and other things that no one would even dream of eating. Sometimes they also have to swim in freezing water in the middle of winter, and outside at that. What if a person got sick or even almost dies as a result of the show. The show is suppose to be about fear and I don't really see eating something disgusting as a fear. Put more physical activity into the show the eating thing is getting a little boring.
             Fear Factor is just on example of reality TV there is also survivor. Sixteen people are sent away to a place they have never been before and stuck there for thirty-nine days. That is a long time with limited food, equipment, and proper shelter. There are so many elements such as snakes, poisonous plants, dangerous fish, storms, insects, and each other.

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