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911 Emergency Hotline... A Plane Sir? This Line Is For Emergencies Only, Thank You.

            A year ago today, one of the most tragic things my generation will ever have to deal with and will remember always took place. A terrorist attack on the United States they called it. Time to take action against Terrorism. A time of unification, separation, and fear for Americans everywhere. Not to mention one huge propaganda campaign and one hell of a capitalist opportunity. 9-11. The emotions and thoughts go through my head as I hear those numbers so fast its hard to capture everything I feel I need to say on paper, but I"ll give it my best shot.
             The first plane hit at 8:45 a.m. in the morning, Tuesday, September 11, 2001. People didn't know for sure who, what, how, or why this happened, but it all became more clear when the second and third hit at 9:03 a.m. And all of a sudden we were getting word of a fourth and fifth plane. What does all this mean? Then addressed by members of our government along with Intel from our friends the national news reporters of America we find out that the final destinations of these planes were met indefinitely kamikaze pilots of the terrorist nature, sent to do one thing, and they did. The crash woke us up to a reality most hadn't even dreamed about. The day never really ended but we were left to watch the fall of the buildings and the beginning of a war on terrorism that went way beyond just guns and bombs, or so they say. Coverage on the story took place before I even know there was one. Taking credit for this day's events was one man, Osama Bin Laden. A rich ,CIA trained, Afghani terrorist who is not a first timer in the act of attacking the US. Two towers down, one Pentagon turned Polygon, an economy on the rocks, a shaken government about to turn into Big Poppa Pump, and every American sleeping with both eyes open is how the day ended. .
             I was just walking out of first hour when I looked up at the monitor for the first time as they were replaying the earliest footage of the crash.

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